Power cords Manufacturing Quality NYC

Manufacturing Quality - Quality System

We have got the Quality management system License according to ISO9001: 2000, also we get the product certification such as UL, VDE, CSA, NF and so on, about more then 10 kinds of certification from different country and district.

We have test facilities such as: Flexing tester, cold bending tester, age oven, glow wire tester, flame cabinet, air bomb, strength tester, Voltage withstand tester, insulation resistance tester, abrupt pull tester, bending test, rocking tester, precision balance, projection and so on. We have the ability to perform the full test for flexible cords, cable and plug.

The quality responsible department is Q.C.Dept, this dept. has branch as: inspection and testing, processing testing, final or confirmation testing, patrol test and test lab and so on.