Testing Equipment

The test content

Test equipment


RoHS test

Eenergy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer 

Resistance of conductors


Voltage test

Hi-pot tester
Water bath

Absence of faults on insulation

Spark tester

Tensile strength and elongation at break before and after ageingb 
(Tensile test after immersion in oil for sheaths, Hot set test) 

Density Balance 
Tensile tester 
Air oven 
Dumbbell cutter 
Dial Thickness Gauge

Bending test at low temperature

Cold bend test apparatus 
Low-temp. chamber

Impact test at low temperature 

Impact test apparatus 

Flexing test

Flexing apparatus

Test under fire conditions

Draft-free flame chamber and Flame tester

Glow-wire test

Glow-wire tester

Ball pressure test

Ball pressure tester

Surface resistance of sheath

Insulation resistance tester

Cross Section of terminal

SBL Microz

Twisting test

Twisting test machine

Tumbling barrel Test

Random Drop Tester

Abrupt Pull Test

Abrupt Pull Teser

Temperature rise test

Temperature rise tester